Location of the Warehouse:

8 Blaumana Str., Rezekne, LV- 4604, Latvia

56.522370 27.352350

56 °31’20.5″N 27 °21’08.5″E


The warehouse with a total area of 1200 m2 is located in the detached modern building in Rezekne Special Economic Zone, one of the most significant junctions of international transport arteries E262 (St. Petersburg-Warsaw) and E22 (Riga-Moscow) and railway lines in Latvia; it is related to all major resources of raw materials and markets in Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries.

Round the clock customs post and the railway station Rezekne-2 are located 500 meters from the warehouse.

About 70 km from the warehouse there are international multilateral automobile checkpoint points with the Russian Federation – Grebneva-Ubylinka and Terekhovo-Burachki.

Our services include not only traditional safe custody, handling operations but also collecting of cargoes in accordance with customers requests, preparation of cargo transportation accompanying documents, repacking of goods, its marking, weighing, conducting of inventories, etc.

The technical specifications of the warehouse:

– the total area – 1200 m²


* the freezing chamber – 1 piece, 110 m²; temperature mode – (-20) – (+20) °C

* the refrigeration chamber – 2 pieces, 72 m² + 51 m²; temperature mode – (+5) – (+20) °C

* the safe compartment for storage of weapons and valuable cargo – 1 piece, 30 m²

– the number of docks (loading – unloading gates) – 4 pieces

– the limes – 1 piece

– the  technological  height of the warehouse – 5,50 m

– specific load on floor – 4 000 kg/m².

The warehouse is equipped with scales, pallet scales, scales for axial weighing of freight vehicles.

Also the warehouse is equipped with the autonomous heating, security and fire alarm systems, the internal and outside video surveillance system as well as illuminated fenced parking for trucks and cars.

The warehouse premises include the office rooms, driver’s rest rooms with shower, toilet and kitchen for drivers and personnel.