Transport company «KOMKON» specializes in providing transportation services in international road freight transport since 1997. One of the main directions in the activity of our company is transportation of dangerous goods.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods – this is one of the most difficult types of traffic that require trained personnel and related vehicles.

Our company has a truck, having a certificate of EX / II admission, EX / III, OX, AT. All cars are equipped with GPS monitoring and additional equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Convention ADR systems. Equipped with fire extinguishing agents and the corresponding danger signs. The drivers of our company have a license for admission to the transport of dangerous goods, as well as German certificates of competence Explosives (Befähigungsschein) ..

Today distinguish 9 classes of dangerous goods. We carry out road transportation of dangerous goods of all classes except Class 7. When transporting hazardous, military and other special goods (including explosives 1 class of danger -. Explosives, gunpowder, ammunition, fireworks, etc.), we develop optimum variants and schemes of transportation taking into account the characteristics of goods, provides specialized transport required duty, prepare resolution of the Ministry of transport for international transportation, coordinate movement routes.

If your cargo is classified as dangerous, and you are interested in it fast and good delivery, use our services. The geography of our transportation is very extensive – it is Russia, CIS countries and Europe.